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The sequel to Rockfall, completely rebuilt from the ground up.

Differences between 1 and 3:

  • CUSTOMIZATION! Give yourself a hat, and set the color of every part of Rockfall Person!
  • DIFFICULTY! Change the difficulty to make it easier or harder to play at your own level!
  • GRAPHICS UPDATE! Now with particles and screen shake, you can select different levels from the options menu.
  • EXTRA RANDOMNESS! A new engine allows for more randomness in rocks' falling and velocity.
  • NEW ENGINE! It runs much better, It's less buggy, and it's rewritten from the ground up!
  • BETTER HITBOXES! Rather than Pythagorean Distance^ for perfect circles, a square hitbox is used to fix bugs and have a better experience.

^ Finds distance with d=√((x_2-x_1)²+(y_2-y_1)²), but because of squaring and PICO-8's memory, it caused faulty collision in RF1.


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